IT Support

 IT Support Services

GreenCloudHQ provides IT support services to business clients in southern California.  Our technology, industry standard practices and methodologies bring the best together the technical talent in supporting your business network . We offer  support services that allow you to manage and control your technology infrastructure, while lowering your costs, increasing employee productivity and standardizing operations.

In addition to utilizing skilled staff and leading tools and applications, our implementation of industry standard best-practice tasks further ensure the continual up-time of your environment as well as greatly reduce the occurrence and frequency of future technical issues.

We are experienced professionals and will perform a number of industry standard maintenance tasks as well as complete regularly scheduled on site visits.
In addition, individuals from our Network Operations Center will perform a variety of proactive management tasks to ensure current patch management, anti-spyware management, spam management, desktop optimization, documentation as well as manage, maintain and support your entire organization’s data backup strategy.

Having issues with your current vendor and feel you are not getting value our of your current support team.  Contact us to learn how GreenCloudHQ can streamline your IT Support requirements.

With our reactive support services, you will have access to our support team, ticketing application and customer portal. Also, it is from this Centralized Services location that we can deploy additional technical resources to your office as required. Our team members will be able to answer and respond to any of your end-user “how to questions” that are often not “technical” in nature.

Our consulting services can assist with Budget Planning as well as advise on the business impact of any and upcoming technology decisions.

Looking to have your network support services managed?  Here are some of our IT support services:

24/7 Monitoring Support and Service
To assist our technical support team with real-time alerts and notifications if a serious technical issue occurs. In addition, these applications have been integrated into our application within our technology platform to allow us to provide our clients with the highest levels of responsiveness and accountability.

Remote Access and On-Site Support
Through the use of the latest technology available for advanced remote monitoring tools, we can professionally manage your entire critical infrastructure as well as their associated applications and services. Our engineers and IT Managers have the expertise and skill sets to proactively maintain and quickly diagnose and repair your technical issues so that your mission critical applications are available and your end-users can obtain the maximum levels of productivity.

Managed Firewall / Router / VPN
We can provide technical assistance to ensure secure network connectivity for internal and remote users by managing and monitoring your firewall, router and VPN devices.

Active Directory Management
We can manage the directory service to provide access to new users, modify existing users and/or delete old accounts. In addition, we can manage user profiles, group policies and security procedures for your entire organization.

Online Backup Solutions
We offer several back-up solutions are compliant with many of the government regulations that include HIPAA and Sarbanes‐Oxley.

E‐mail Solutions
Our support team have extensive expertise with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and utilize specialized tools that monitor the performance of your email platform to ensure maximum up-time and performance. Our in‐house technical experts can troubleshoot and resolve your messaging problems quickly and efficiently.

Vendor Management
We can work and negotiate on your behalf with your current third-party vendors to resolve any technical issues that need to be covered by warranties, licensing, purchasing, returns or billing so that you can focus on more important issues and matters within your business.

In addition, we offer the following network technical support services:
• LAN (Local Area Network) design, implementation, maintenance and deployment
• Server integration, upgrades, migrations and technology refreshes
• Internet security solutions including firewalls and VPN
• Network Infrastructure Implementation
• Wireless Network Solutions
• Terminal Services, Citrix and Remote Location Access Solutions
• Antivirus, Anti-spam and Malware Solutions
• WAN connectivity (remote office connectivity via DSL/CABLE/T1 or VPN)
• Desktop Deployments
• Category 5e Data Cable Installation

Contact GreenCloudHQ today to find out how we can provide you with your IT support needs.